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Hello! I am Oinkers and welcome!
So far Orgfree has been a great host - but if this site dissapears unexpectedy please check the old site at http://www.oinkers.5u.com for details on what's happened and when I'll be back.

If you are looking for paper dolls, Contact Boxes, MySpace Layouts, or Glitter Images, they are on the Extras page.

Like my garland? You can download your very own Garlands to decorate your own web sites for the holidays - there are a lot to choose from, catagorized neatly into months! Besides garlands, I have lots of other free downloads on my Extras Page, like Wallpaper, Web Sets, paper Dolls, Greeting Cards. Stuff for MySpace and more!

New in September - I have recatagorized both the MySpace Contact Tables and Tags and Glitter Images Both now sport hot linking codes!And while you're here why not enter your website for a chance to win one of my many Website Awards, I have already given out a few but I am always looking for more award worthy sites!

Of course, don't forget to read my Web Log that is filled with entertaining and exciting tid-bits from the life of a stuffed pig ! Also don't foget to sign my Guestbook while you are here!

I will add entries and often times new downloads roughly every other week so remember to stop by a lot and see what's new!

I'd like to welcome you, and say thanks for stopping by! Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think of the site!

This object made by Charlie


ghost pixie
Like my Pixie? Want to adopt your own? Just go to my Adopt A Pixie Page and download one for your own web site!


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I have two awards now! I am so happy!!!




Click here to go to the top 100 list of paper doll sites - which includes me, of course! Of course, there are many other great sites - even though I am not on them!


Weird Clip Art.com

Here is a link to a site FULL of weird clip-art for your own web pages. They have quite a variety in many different categories - and have asked to use some of my pictures! Who knows, maybe you'll see me there too!


I Hate Meatloaf! If you hate meatloaf too click on this and join the official hate site for meatloaf!



This is a link to a web site where you can get free web graphics for your own web site!


This is a link to a website that is chock full of links to lots of Tolkien websites! It also has some interesting Middle earth Midis that are worth listening to!


Paper Doll garden

This is The-Short-One's infamous paper doll site - it has a lot of paper dolls - including a set of Booy! Hrmph!


Diagon Alley

This is a link to The-Short-One's website efforts, the virtual Diagon Alley. Shop for wizarding supplies, or rent a shop or apartment of your own!


Miss T's Layouts

This is a site with free layouts for MySpace and free glitter images. Be warned, it IS run by an alien, so there may be files encryptedwith secret alien information meant for the mothership!



This is Pryo, the Drakun I adopted from Drakun Adoptions, isn't he cute?

This graphic made by Charlie!

This graphic made by Patty Neeley!



I believe! Do you?
This graphic made in part by Chris Harris


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